New Handwheels

Over the past few months we have vastly expanded our handwheel selection to serve you better. Our new line of unfinished handwheels offer you the highest economy without sacrificing durability. We offer both low profile straight spoked or offset (dished) handwheel versions, with the larger diameter models in each category featuring finger grips around the inner rim for maximum hand engagement.

Our new line of polished 2 spoke handle-less handwheels feature the finest aluminum construction for a lighter weight, and because of their high polish finish, these handwheels will look great in any application. Available diameters range between 5” to “10.

Another aesthetically pleasing handwheel is our new offset (dished) cast iron handwheel. This model features a lustrous nickel plated finish and is available with a permanently lubricated revolving handle for high RPM applications, or handle-less for space saving utility.

For those in need of a polished handwheel with a low profile, our new line of handle-less, finished straight handwheels will suit all of your needs perfectly. Models in this line feature fine grain cast iron construction with a chrome plated and polished finish. A variety of sizes are available with larger diameter models featuring finger grips around the inner rim for maximum hand engagement.

The durable nylon construction of our new line of plastic three spoke offset handwheels allow for the best combination of weight reduction, corrosion resistance, and durability possible. This handwheel features a buffed outer rim for a sleek look and a revolving handle to make multi-revolution adjustments quick and easy. The center plugs for sizes 3-5 1/2 are aluminum, with cast iron for the larger diameters.

To view our complete line of handwheels click here.