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Over the past few months we have vastly expanded our handwheel selection to serve you better. Our new line of unfinished handwheels offer you the highest economy without sacrificing durability.

New Products

For the past few months we have been working hard to expand our product categories to serve you better. Products like the TQRP-1000 of our new in-stock detent pin line, FCIHW-3-STR of our new line of chrome plated straight handwheels, and IPG-109SS of our new line of pull knob retractable plungers, are just a few. In future blog posts we'll look at these new products in greater detail, but until then click on the links to see the newly expanded categories.

At JBF National, we carry an adjustable handle to fit any purpose. Our clamp levers are RoHs compliant and are available in a variety of colors including redyellowgray and blue in addition to the standard black powder finish.

JBF National has a hinge for any application.

Cylinder magnets are used across a wide variety of industries for a multitude of uses including scientific applications, musical instruments, magnetic separators, MRI scanners, motors, and so much more. We offer cylinder magnets with or without holes, and in a variety of sizes and pull strengths. We can also fulfill any custom magnet order request, so send your custom magnet design to sales@jbfnational.com today and let’s get your project started.

Cup magnets (also known as pot magnets) offer a strength and versatility found in few other magnet options. The steel cup these magnets feature houses the magnetic neodymium material and simultaneously strengthens the magnetic field while protecting the neodymium from the impact of surface strikes. Cup magnets allow for a variety of mounting applications with mount styles including male stud, female stud, steel hook, steel eye hook, and counterbored holes.

At JBF National we welcome a variety of custom orders. This custom job for a wheel that contains LED’s that light up as the wheel spins, was designed with the intended use of being installed in wheelchairs specially designed for children. Send your custom design to sales@jbfnational.com and find out what we can do for you. Please see attached videos.

 Like other plunger styles, retractable plungers (also known as indexing plungers) are used to connect two objects, with the added features of positioning, locating, and or indexing. The model below is made of brass for added corrosion resistance and features a 90 degree position locking rest to ensure stability. The knurled rim knob allows for maximum grip regardless of wet or oily situations, thereby ensuring positive engagement and disengagement every single time.

Handleless solid dish handwheels offer a combination of features and benefits found in few other industrial components. Their simple and sturdy design ensures reliability and extended product life while allowing for installation in limited space areas. The model shown here is finished in a high quality black powder coating to protect against corrosion in all mounting situations and features a series of soft curved finger grips under the rim that allow for complete index finger engagement.

Mold leader pins are an integral component of the injection molding process. They are responsible for proper plate alignment between the cavity and core mold halves. Our mold leader pins are of groove-less design for optimum alignment and reliability when compared to grooved models. The model shown here (MLP947) is manufactured from the highest quality steel and features a nickel-chromium finish for added corrosion resistance.