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One of the key components to any injection molding operation is the sprue bushing. The center hole (sprue) allows for material flow from the injection nozzle to the runner system. The sprue bushing is flush mounted to the clamp plate and ensures the positive alignment and seal needed between the sprue and the injection nozzle. JBF National sprue bushings are manufactured from steel with a through hardness of 43/45 RC and have been designed and tested to operate consistently under the most strenuous situations.

Do you need to secure two pieces of work without creating a permanent connection like a weld? If so a button handle quick release pin could be exactly what you need. The ball locking action these pins feature provide positive engagement until the button is depressed by the operator, thereby allowing for quick disengagement. Stainless steel construction ensures effortless sliding action time after time, as well as protection from corrosion.

How do you effectively apply a high amount of torque when needed? By using a 4-prong stainless steel hand knob. Due to their extended prongs and their enlarged surface area, 4-prong hand knobs offer maximum finger and palm engagement therefore allowing for highest amount of force application. The stainless steel design of this clamping knob ensures reliability, and makes it ideal for situations with sanitation and cleanliness concerns, while retaining an eye pleasing finish.

From single prototype to large volume production runs with design intricacies ranging from simplistic to highly sophisticated, JBF National can handle it. We feature the latest Hurco equipment to take even the most intricate of designs from concept to competition in no time at all. Give one of our highly trained sales technicians a call today to find out more about our machining and manufacturing capabilities. Please see attached video.

Due to their heavy lifting potential, permanent lift magnets are employed by many industries in a variety of settings including factory floors, foundries, warehouses, scrap yards, and loading docks.

These adjustable handles from JBF National (also known as clamping levers or clamping handles) are RoHs compliant and are available in a variety of colors. From start to finish these handles are designed and tested for ultimate reliability and the threaded studs and tapped inserts of these handles are manufactured from the highest quality steel and stainless steel. The handle portions are comprised of die cast zinc, low carbon steel, or Nylon 6 with 30% glass fiber reinforcement.

These quick release pins (also known as ball lock pins) are essential components in such end use products as parts for race cars, trailers, wheelchairs, work out equipment and storage racks.  They are manufactured from the highest quality steel and stainless steel and are offered in button, “L”, “T”, and ring handle designs to suit any purpose. Simple push button activation engages and disengages these pins from the work load quickly.

Aluminum extruded enclosures is by far one of the most common uses for plastic pull handles. They are light weight and can be attached from the top down into the aluminum channel fastened with a bolt and slide-in T-nuts. They are offered in a variety of lengths and most commonly ordered by the mounting dimension size.

JBF National magnets are manufactured in every size, shape, and material type available to fit any purpose. They are designed and tested to meet the highest standards of quality, with select models featuring standard and countersunk holes for quick fastening and mounting versatility. Some products that feature these magnets include speakers, material separators, and refrigerator doors. Contact one of our highly trained sales engineers today for more information.


Ball and spring plungers (also known as “spring loaded devices”) at their very basic, are indexing and positioning devices that allow for quick and reliable alignment between various objects, while allowing for quick disengagement. Their enclosed bodies ensure that the spring and nose stay in place, thereby ensuring consistent and reliable pressure application.