Standard Knob - Retractable Plunger without Nylon Patch

Standard Knob Retractable Indexing Plunger without Nylon Patch

The body and threaded stud of this retractable plunger (also known as an indexing plunger) are manufactured from the highest quality steel with a knob comprised of an ultra-tough plastic. A simple 90 degree twist engages the locking element, thereby holding the plunger in the retracted position until disengaged by a reverse twist. This plunger has been designed and tested to withstand side loading. Please see component diagram below.

1RP-1005M10 x 121175
1RP-1016M12 x 1.525206
1RP-1028M16 x 1.531268
1RP-10310M20 x 1.5313310