Cam Action - Retractable Plunger without Nylon Patch

Cam Action Indexing Plunger without Nylon Patch

This cam action retractable plunger (also known as an indexing plunger) is manufactured from the highest quality steel and stainless steel, and has been designed and tested for ultimate durability and reliability. Indexing adjustments are easily made via the quick turning cam action with a locking feature to keep the pin fully retracted past 180 degrees. This plunger has been designed and tested to withstand side loading. Please see component diagram below.

CAMG-240CAMG-240-SS8M20 x 1.5206912NO
CAMG-241CAMG-241-SS8M20 x 1.5206912YES
CAMG-242CAMG-242-SS10M20 x 1.5206912NO
CAMG-243CAMG-243-SS10M20 x 1.5206912YES
CAMG-244CAMG-244-SS12M20 x 1.5206912NO
CAMG-245CAMG-245-SS12M20 x 1.5206912YES