Stubby Pull Ring - Locking Nose Retractable Plunger with Nylon Patch

JBF National’s stubby pull ring locking nose retractable plunger comes available in 12L15 zinc plated steel, 303 stainless steel, and brass. Due to its truncated design, this retractable plunger (also known as an indexing plunger) style lends itself especially well to limited space situations and the flexibility of the pull ring allows for upward and downward movement to make folding away the pull ring as needed, no problem as all. A simple pull and twist of the pull ring engages the locking element, thereby holding the plunger in the retracted position until disengaged by a reverse twist. This retractable plunger also features a nylon thread coating to ensure ultimate thread locking, and a radiused Delrin nose for maximum hole engagement. Designed and tested to withstand side loading and is available in 316 stainless steel upon request. Contact a sales engineer today for more information. Please see component diagram below.

JBF P/N-SteelJBF P/N-303 SSJBF P/N-BrassThread Size (A)Body Length (B)Thread Length (C)Nose Length (D)Nose Dia (E)Ring Dia (F)Start End Force (lbs)Final End Force (lbs)
1RPS-10951RPS-1095SS1BRPS-10953/4-101.500.880.500.4371 1/81.506
1RPS-10961RPS-1096SS1BRPS-10961-81.751.000.630.5001 1/81.757