Aluminum Tube Handle EKO Style

Aluminum Tube Pull Handle Grab Bar
AAluminum Tube Pull Handle Grab Bar
Aluminum Tube Pull Handle Grab Bar

JBF National’s EKO style aluminum tube handle comes manufactured using the highest quality anodized aluminum tube, and reinforced nylon handle ends for maximum durability. Exuding a modern styling, this handle lends itself perfectly to such applications as restaurant trolleys, access panels, and doors. Contact a JBF National sales engineer today for more information. Please see component diagram below.

JBF National Part NumberABMounting Holes
1TUAH-1044ES150194M8-M10 or 5/16"-3/8"
1TUAH-1045ES200244M8-M10 or 5/16"-3/8"
1TUAH-1046ES250294M8-M10 or 5/16"-3/8"
1TUAH-1047ES300344M8-M10 or 5/16"-3/8"
1TUAH-1048ES400444M8-M10 or 5/16"-3/8"
1TUAH-1049ES500544M8-M10 or 5/16"-3/8"
1TUAH-1050ES600644M8-M10 or 5/16"-3/8"