Brass Plated Continuous Hinges

Brass Plated Piano Hinge

JBF National continuous hinges offer a versatility found in few other industrial products. Due to their ability of being easily sized to any length, our continuous hinges (also known as piano hinges) are an economical option for any project. This model comes manufactured from the highest quality brass plated steel. JBF National stocks all standard gauges and sizes, and we also offer highly customized hinge products to meet your needs. Contact one of our sales engineers today to find out more.  

JBF National NumberMaterial TypeMaterial GaugeOpen WidthPin DiameterKnuckleLength
1CCSB-1843BRASS PLATED0.0250.750.0620.2572
1CCSB-1844BRASS PLATED0.0251.000.0620.2572
2CCSB-1845BRASS PLATED0.0401.060.0930.5072
2CCSB-1846BRASS PLATED0.0401.250.0930.5072
2CCSB-1847BRASS PLATED0.0401.500.0930.5072
2CCSB-1848BRASS PLATED0.0402.000.0930.5072
3CCSB-1849BRASS PLATED0.0601.500.1250.5072
3CCSB-1850BRASS PLATED0.0602.000.1250.5072
3CCSB-1851BRASS PLATED0.0602.500.1250.5072
3CCSB-1852BRASS PLATED0.0603.000.1250.5072
4CCSB-1853BRASS PLATED0.0751.500.2501.0072
4CCSB-1854BRASS PLATED0.0752.000.2501.0072
4CCSB-1855BRASS PLATED0.0753.000.2501.0072
4CCSB-1856BRASS PLATED0.0754.000.2501.0072
5CCSB-1857BRASS PLATED0.0902.000.2501.0036
5CCSB-1858BRASS PLATED0.0902.000.2501.0072
5CCSB-1859BRASS PLATED0.0903.000.2501.0036
5CCSB-1860BRASS PLATED0.0903.000.2501.0072
5CCSB-1861BRASS PLATED0.0904.000.2501.0036
5CCSB-1862BRASS PLATED0.0904.000.2501.0072