Rare Earth Neodymium Hook Magnets

Steel Cup Neodymium Hook Magnet

JBF National neodymium hook magnets are made using strong rare earth neodymium magnets, and are housed in a nickel finished steel cup. This cup serves a dual purpose of both protecting the magnet from damage while maximizing the magnet’s overall grip strength. The utility of these magnets comes via the attached hook which allows for the hanging of objects without permanent fixation.

JBF National P/NDescriptionDiameterHThreaded Hole SizeFinishPull Strength Lbs.
1NEO-HM-1025Neodymium Hook Magnets 5/8 inch0.631.480.1575Nickel-Copper-Nickel24.00
1NEO-HM-1026Magnetic Hooks 3/4 inch Neodymium Hook Magnets0.751.460.1575Nickel34.00
1NEO-HM-1027Magnetic Hooks Neodymium Hook Magnets 1 inch1.001.500.1575Nickel-Copper-Nickel43.00
1NEO-HM-1028Magnetic Hooks 1.25 inch w/Neodymium Magnets1.251.850.1575Nickel98.00
1NEO-HM-1029Neodymium Hook Magnets 1.5 inch Magnetic Hooks1.502.050.1575Nickel130.00
1NEO-HM-1030Large Magnetic Hooks 2 inch Neodymium Hook Magnets2.002.440.1575Nickel268.00