Anti-Vibration Light Duty Control Mounts

Anti-Vibration Light Duty Control Mount
Anti-Vibration Light Duty Control Mount
Anti-Vibration Light Duty Control Mount

JBF National’s light duty control mount is excellent at reducing felt vibration transmissions up to 98%. To ensure durability, these mounts are made from the highest quality steel. No matter the type of light duty equipment in need of stabilization, these mounts which feature a rubber anti-skid pad attached to the bottom, will make sure your machinery is stable and safe. Inch, metric, steel, and stainless steel versions available. Please see component diagram below.

JBF Steel P/N InchJBF SS P/N InchThread (A)Base Dia (B)Thread Length (C)Total Height (D)Max Load (lbs)Hex Size (E)Ship Wt (lbs)
1AMLD-10121AMLD-1012SS3/8-161 1/423 1/22005/80.36
1AMLD-10131AMLD-1013SS1/2-131 7/823 3/45003/40.84
1AMLD-10141AMLD-1014SS5/8-112 1/223 7/89007/81.48
1AMLD-10151AMLD-1015SS3/4-10324 1/812501 1/162.46
2AMLD-10162AMLD-1017SS1-843 1/2622501 3/84.56
3AMLD-10173AMLD-1018SS1 1/4-7646 7/850001 7/89.52
JBF Steel P/N Metric JBF SS P/N Metric Thread (A)Base Dia (B)Thread Length (C)Total Height (D)Max Load (kg)Hex Size (E)Ship Wt (lbs)
1MAVL-10521MAVL-1052SSM2076511051481 1/162.46
1MAVL-10531MAVL-1053SSM24102891522681 3/84.56
1MAVL-10541MAVL-1054SSM301521021753141 7/89.52