Anti-Vibration Heavy Duty Tapped Control Mounts

Anti-Vibration Heavy Duty Control Mount
Anti-Vibration Heavy Duty Control Mount
Anti-Vibration Heavy Duty Control Mount

JBF National’s tapped heavy duty anti-vibration mounts are designed to reduce dangerous vibration transmissions up to 98%. To ensure durability, these control mounts are made from the highest quality steel, and to further reduce the effects of vibration, each and every one comes with a rubber anti-skid pad, bonded to the bottom. These mounts are designed to keep your company’s equipment and workers safe by making sure that vibration prone machinery stays put. Inch, metric, steel, and stainless steel versions available. Please see component diagram below.

JBF National Steel P/N InchJBF National Stainless P/N InchThread (A)Base Dia (B)Total Height (D)Max Load (lbs)Hex Size (E)Ship Wt (lbs)
1AMHD-10061AMHD-1006SS3/8-161 1/41 1/29955/80.28
1AMHD-10071AMHD-1007SS1/2-131 7/81 3/424003/40.70
1AMHD-10081AMHD-1008SS5/8-112 1/21 7/844007/81.24
1AMHD-10091AMHD-1009SS3/4-1032 1/865001 1/162.12
1AMHD-10101AMHD-1010SS1-842 1/2118001 3/83.86
1AMHD-10111AMHD-1011SS1 1/4-762 7/8271001 7/87.70
JBF National Steel P/N Metric JBF National Stainless P/N Metric Thread (A)Base Dia (B)Total Height (D)Max Load (kg)Hex Size (E)Ship Wt (lbs)
1MAV-10461MAV-1046SSM20765429541 1/162.12
1MAV-10471MAV-1047SSM241026453631 3/83.86
1MAV-10481MAV-1048SSM3015273123181 7/87.70