(5) Threaded Tube Ends Square

Threaded Tube Ends-Square
Threaded Tube End-Square

JBF National’s threaded square tube ends, allow for various mount styles to be applied to whatever the situation requires. These tube ends are manufactured from tough polyglass nylon, and feature no metal parts to ensure complete corrosion resistance. Please see component diagram below.

JBF National Part NumberABTube GaugeTube Outside Dia.Tube Wall Thickness
1TTS-13653/8-161.5" sq161.5"0.065
1TTS-13661/2-131.5" sq161.5"0.065
1TTS-13675/8-111.5" sq161.5"0.065
1TTS-13683/4-101.5" sq161.5"0.065
1TTS-13693/8-161.5" sq111.5"0.12
1TTS-13701/2-131.5" sq111.5"0.12
1TTS-13715/8-111.5" sq111.5"0.12
1TTS-13723/4-101.5" sq111.5"0.12
2TTS-13733/8-162.0" sq162.0"0.065
2TTS-13741/2-132.0" sq162.0"0.065
2TTS-13755/8-112.0" sq162.0"0.065
2TTS-13763/4-102.0" sq162.0"0.065
2TTS-13773/8-162.0" sq11-122.0".109/.120
2TTS-13781/2-132.0" sq11-122.0".109/.120
2TTS-13795/8-112.0" sq11-122.0".109/.120
2TTS-13803/4-102.0" sq11-122.0".109/.120