(2) Poly Pad "Teardrop" Levelers

Poly Pad "Teardrop" Leveler
Poly Pad "Teardrop" Leveler
Poly Pad "Teardrop" Leveler - Bottom View

JBF National teardrop leveling pads are manufactured using high quality glass fiber reinforced Nylon 6 to ensure durability. Due to the innovative teardrop design along with its articulating stud and locking nut, this leveling pad makes securing your machinery to the floor as easy as possible, regardless of surface and placement area conditions. Inch and metric versions, and various stud lengths available. Please see component diagram below.

JBF National Part Number / InchBase WidthThread (A) & Length ( C)Base Dia (B)Total Height (D)Wrench Flat (E)Max Load Rating (lbs)
1PLT-10964.923/8-16 x 3"3.544.50.555000
1PLT-10974.923/8-16 x 4"3.545.50.555000
1PLT-10984.923/8-16 x 6"3.547.50.555000
1PLT-10994.921/2-13 x 3"3.544.50.555000
1PLT-11004.921/2-13 x 4"3.545.50.555000
1PLT-11014.921/2-13 x 5"3.546.50.555000
1PLT-11024.921/2-13 x 6"3.547.50.555000
1PLT-11034.925/8-11 x 3"3.544.50.555000
1PLT-11044.925/8-11 x 4"3.545.50.555000
1PLT-11054.925/8-11 x 5"3.546.50.555000
1PLT-11064.925/8-11 x 6"3.547.50.555000
1PLT-11074.923/4-10 x 5"3.546.50.555800
1PLT-11084.923/4-10 x 6"3.547.50.555800
1PLT-11094.923/4-10 x 7"3.548.50.555800
1PLT-11104.923/4-10 x 8"3.549.50.555800
1PLT-11114.923/4-10 x 10"3.5411.50.555800
JBF National Part Number / MetricBase WidthThread (A) & Length (C)Base Dia (B)Total Height (D)Wrench Flat (E)Max Load Rating (lbs)
1PLT-1112125M10 X 75mm90113145000
1PLT-1113125M10 X 100mm90138145000
1PLT-1114125M10 X 125mm90163145000
1PLT-1115125M12 X 75mm90113145000
1PLT-1116125M12 X 100mm90138145000
1PLT-1117125M12 X 150mm90188145000
1PLT-1118125M16 X 75mm90113145000
1PLT-1119125M16 X 100mm90138145000
1PLT-1120125M16 X 125mm90163145000
1PLT-1121125M16 X 150mm90188145000
1PLT-1122125M16 X 200mm90238145000
1PLT-1123125M20 X 100mm90138145800
1PLT-1124125M20 X 150mm90188145800
1PLT-1125125M20 X 200mm90238145800