(3) Rattle Mount Leveling Pads

Whatever your light duty mounting needs, JBF National’s rattle mount leveling pad is designed to handle it. Whether for shelving, racks, refrigerated cases or anything in-between, this leveling pad will provide reliable support for all your light duty requirements. Plain or slotted ends allow for maximum insertion and adjustment flexibility. For added corrosion resistance, this leveler features a zinc finish. Please see component diagram below.

JBF National Part NumberABCDPlain Stud EndSlotted Stud EndLoad Rating Lbs
1LPRR-13153/8-161 3/4"1 1/2"1 3/4"XNULL500
1LPRR-13163/8-161 3/4"2"2 1/4"XNULL500
1LPRR-13173/8-161 3/4"3"3 1/4"XNULL500
2LPRR-13185/16-181 3/4"1 3/4"2"XNULL300
1LPRR-13193/8-161 3/4"1 1/2"1 3/4"NULLX500
1LPRR-13203/8-161 3/4"2"2 1/4"NULLX500
1LPRR-13213/8-161 3/4"3"3 1/4"NULLX500
2LPRR-13225/16-181 3/4"1 3/4"2"NULLX300