(3) LevelStar Elastomer Base Leveling Pads

LevelStar Elastomer Base Adjustable Leveler
LevelStar Elastomer Base Adjustable Leveler

The stability offered by LevelStar elastomer base leveling pads comes via its rubber base and non-swivel design. These levelers lend themselves to high vibration/constant use situations where the need for machinery stability and eliminating machinery creep is a must. This leveler features a 300 Lbs. maximum weight rating, a stud with a fully integrated hexagonal nut, and is manufactured from steel with zinc plating to increase corrosion protection. Please see component diagram below.

JBF National Part NumberABCDE-hexF
1EBLP-13031/4-201 1/2"1.51.221/2"0.16
2EBLP-13045/16-181 1/2"1.51.221/2"0.16