(3) Econo Glide Leveling Pads

Econo Glide Adjustable Leveler
Econo Glide Adjustable Leveler
Econo Glide Adjustable Leveler

JBF National’s Econo Glide leveling pads are low cost, and can be used for many light duty applications. The base pads for these levelers are offered in black nylon, white polypropylene, and thermoplastic elastomer. From office furniture and cabinetry, to ice machines, display racks, and everything in between, these levelers offer the stability you need. Various stud lengths available. Please see component diagram below.

JBF National Part NumberABCPad Material
1ECL-12871.141.391/4-20 x 1"White PP
1ECL-12881.141.395/16-18 x 1"White PP
2ECL-12891.381.751/4-20 x 1"Black Nylon
2ECL-12901.381.755/16-18 x 1"Black Nylon
2ECL-12911.381.753/8-16 x 1"TPR
3ECL-12921.652.155/16-18 x 1 3/8"Black Nylon
3ECL-12931.651.783/8-16 x 1"TPR
4ECL-12941.971.673/8-16 x 1White PP
4ECL-12951.972.045/16-18 x 1 3/8"TPR
4ECL-12961.972.673/8-16 x 2"TPR
5ECL-12972.241.623/8-16 x 1"Black Nylon
6ECL-12982.561.751/4-20 x 1"Black Nylon
6ECL-12992.562.125/16-18 x 1 3/8"Black Nylon
6ECL-13002.562.753/8-16 x 2"Black Nylon
7ECL-13012.952.123/8-16 x 1 3/16"White PP
8ECL-13023.151.83/8-16 x 1"Black Nylon