Machinery Anti-Vibration Mounts

Machine Anti-Vibration Leveling Mount
Machine Anti-Vibration Leveling Mount
Machine Anti-Vibration Leveling Mount

This anti-vibration mount from JBF National features a high quality neoprene elastomer pad, which is housed in a hardened steel cup for the highest durability. For quick and easy leveling, this mount features a hexagonal leveling bolt or square head stud and locking nut. With this mount stabilizing your vibration prone machinery, you can be assured that it will stay put. Inch and metric versions available. Please see component diagram below.

JBF P/NA threadB Base DiaC Thread LengthD-Static HtMin/Max LoadHead Type
3MVM-10763/8-163.13"3.00"1.50"55/250 lbsHex
3MVM-10773/8-163.13"3.00"1.50"100/500 lbsHex
3MVM-10783/8-243.13"3.00"1.50"100/500 lbsHex
4MVM-10791/2-134.75"5.00"1.50"300/1000 lbsHex
4MVM-10801/2-134.75"5.00"1.50"300/1000 lbsSquare
5MVM-10813/4-106.25"5.00"1.63"500/4500 lbsHex
5MVM-10823/4-106.25"5.00"1.63"500/4500 lbsSquare
7MVM-10841-149.00"8.00"2.50"4000/13000 lbsSquare
8MVM-10853/4-109.00"4.00"2.25"4000/13000 lbsHex
8MVM-10863/4-109.00"8.00"2.25"4000/13000 lbsHex
1MVM-10871/2-136.25"5.00"1.63"500/4100 lbsHex
1MVM-1073M12 x 1.75120mm130mm38mm135/450 kgsHex
2MVM-1074M20 x 2.5160mm130mm41mm230/2040 kgsHex
2MVM-1075M24 x 3.0230mm180mm57mm1815/5900 kgsHex
6MVM-1083M10 x 1.580mm80mm38mm45/230 kgsHex