CA-1010 - Tension Draw Latch

Tension Draw Latch

JBF National latches and catches are manufactured from the highest quality materials. They are designed and tested for ultimate reliability and durability. CA-1010 is manufactured from either clear zinc plated steel or passivated stainless steel. The steel version provides 75-160 Lbs. of clamping force and stainless steel provides 60-120 Lbs. This model features an average ultimate load rating of 400 Lbs. for steel and 380 Lbs. for stainless steel. Uses strike SK-4000 Please see component diagram below.

JBF National Part NumberMaterial / Finish
CA-1010-SS-CP-218Stainless / Passivated
CA-1010-ST-CZ-218Steel / Clear ZincĀ