Adjustable Hinges

These adjustable hinges from JBF National come manufactured from the highest quality alloy steel, and have been designed and tested for ultimate reliability. With these adjustable hinges, costly door adjustments are obviated by its vertical movement capability, rendering door removal unnecessary. The flexibility of these hinges makes installation a cinch, and eliminates door sag. Contact a JBF National sales engineer today for further information.  Please see component diagram below.

JBF National Part NumberNYTGJWeightCapacity
1AG-1003/8"541-1/27/84.7 lbs1,050 lbs
1AG-1011/2"661-3/419 lbs 2,200 lbs 
1AG-1021/2"6621-1/810 lbs 3,200 lbs 
1AG-1031/2"7.5621-1/812.5 lbs 4,000 lbs 
1AG-1043/4"8821-1/821 lbs 5,000 lbs 
1AG-1051"1082-1/21-3/837 lbs 7,000 lbs 
1AG-1061-1/4"121242-1/490 lbs 11,000 lbs 
1AG-1071-1/4"161642-1/4140 lbs 15,000 lbs 
1AG-1081-3/4"161652-3/4190 lbs 25,000 lbs