Knurled Control Knobs - Precision without Handle

Knurled Control Knobs - Precision with No Handle
Knurled Control Knobs - Precision with No Handle
Knurled Control Knobs - Precision with No Handle

JBF National’s knurled control knobs are manufactured from the highest quality aluminum and stainless steel. The knurled rim provides positive hand grip and makes adjustments quick and simple in even with the oiliest or wettest of hands. Aluminum and stainless versions available. Please see component diagram below. 

JBF P/N-AluminumJBF P/N-StainlessReamed Dia/Thread SizeKnob Dia (A)Total Length (B)Hub Dia (C)Knurled Width (D)Hole Depth (E)
1KCK-11611KCK-1161SSSolid Hub113/161/23/8-
2KCK-11662KCK-1166SS3/821 1/813/169/167/8
2KCK-11672KCK-1167SSSolid Hub21 1/813/169/16-
2KCK-11682KCK-1168SS3/8-1621 1/813/169/167/8
2KCK-11692KCK-1169SS3/8-2421 1/813/169/167/8
2KCK-11702KCK-1170SS1/2-1321 1/813/169/167/8
2KCK-11712KCK-1171SS1/2-2021 1/813/169/167/8
3KCK-11723KCK-1172SS5/831 1/41 1/411/167/8
3KCK-11733KCK-1173SSSolid Hub31 1/41 1/411/16-
3KCK-11743KCK-1174SS5/8-1131 1/41 1/411/167/8
3KCK-11753KCK-1175SS5/8-1831 1/41 1/411/167/8
3KCK-11763KCK-1176SS3/4-2031 1/41 1/411/167/8
3KCK-11773KCK-1177SS3/4-1631 1/41 1/411/167/8