Ball Plungers - Metric Stainless Steel Press Fit

Stainless Steel Push Fit Ball Plunger

JBF National’s metric press fit ball plunger features a body, plunger ball, and internal spring manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel. Ball plungers are utilized across of wide variety of industries and products, including woodworking, medical and military applications. Contact a JBF National sales engineer today, for further information. Please see component diagram below.

JBF National Part Number / MetricJKGRTCBall MaterialSpring Force Initiial. NSpring Force Final. N
1SPFBPM-1039SS44.6510.83Stainless Steel37
1SPFBPM-1040SS55.66114Stainless Steel47
1SPFBPM-1041SS66.5711.55Stainless Steel612
1SPFBPM-1042SS88.5911.86.5Stainless Steel612
1SPFBPM-1043SS101213.52.52.78Stainless Steel1020
1SPFBPM-1044SS1214162.53.510Stainless Steel1525