Large Handle Pins

Large Handle Hitch Pin

JBF National large handle pins are manufactured from the highest quality C1144 steel, or 304 stainless steel, and are designed and tested for ultimate reliability and durability. These fasteners (also known as large handle hitch pins) allow for quick engagement and disengagement in lieu of more permanent fasteners like bolts and rivets. This model features a large swiveling handle that allows for maximum grip and space saving maximization. Please see component diagram below.

1LHP-1001/2 x 3-1/21/23-1/2Steel (C1144)Hitch Pin Clip
1LHP-1015/8 x 4-1/25/84-1/2Steel (C1144)Hitch Pin Clip
1LHP-1025/8 x 65/86Steel (C1144)Hitch Pin Clip
1LHP-1033/4 x 4-1/23/44-1/2Steel (C1144)Hitch Pin Clip
1LHP-1043/4 x 63/46Steel (C1144)Hitch Pin Clip
1LHP-1057/8 x 4-1/27/84-1/2Steel (C1144)Hitch Pin Clip
1LHP-1067/8 x 67/86Steel (C1144)Hitch Pin Clip
1LHP-1071 x 616Steel (C1144)Hitch Pin Clip
1LHP-1081-1/8 x 71-1/87Steel (C1144)Hitch Pin Clip
1LHP-1091-1/4 x 71-1/47Steel (C1144)Hitch Pin Clip
1LHP-1101-1/2 x 81-1/28Steel (C1144)Hitch Pin Clip
1LHP-1112 x 828Steel (C1144)Hitch Pin Clip

304 Stainless

1LHP-112SS1/2 x 3-1/21/23 1/2Stainless Hitch Pin Clip
1LHP-113SS5/8 x 65/86Stainless Hitch Pin Clip
1LHP-114SS3/4 x 63/46Stainless Hitch Pin Clip
1LHP-115SS1 x 616Stainless Hitch Pin Clip