Rare Earth Neodymium Cup Magnets with Countersunk Holes

JBF National neodymium cup magnets are made using strong rare earth neodymium magnets, and are housed in a nickel finished steel cup. This cup serves a dual purpose of both protecting the magnet from damage while maximizing the magnet’s overall grip strength. Also, the countersunk holes these magnets feature make affixing them in place as needed, no issue at all.

JBF National Part NumberDescriptionOuter Dia.HCounter Sink Hole Dia. GradePull Strength Lbs.
1CMC-1016Magnetic Cups 3/4 inch Strong Neodymium Cup Magnets0.740.280.33x0.18N4226
1CMC-1018Strong Magnetic Cup 0.79 inch w/Neodymium Magne0.790.280.33x0.19N4228
1CMC-1019Cup Magnets 65 lbs Strong Neodymium 1 inch10.350.47x0.21N4265
1CMC-1020Magnetic Cups 1.25 inch w/Strong Neodymium Magnets 80 lbs1.250.30.41x0.22N4280
1CMC-1021Strong Cup Magnets 1.5 inch Neodymium Holder 120lbs1.50.350.47x0.26N42120
1CMC-1022Cup Magnets 1.8 inch Strong Neodymium Magnets1.80.40.59x0.3N42160
1CMC-1023Cup Magnets Strong Neodymium 2.2 inch2.20.60.78x0.3N42240
1CMC-1024Strong Cup Magnets 3 inch Neodymium 410 lb30.761x0.4N42410