Strontium Ferrite Ceramic Magnet Rings

JBF National strontium ferrite ceramic magnet rings are crafted from the highest quality iron oxide and strontium carbonate. These magnets are utilized across a wide spectrum of industries for a multitude of uses. These magnets are great for such things as craft projects and stereo speakers.

JBF National Part NumberDescriptionOuter Dia.HInner Dia.Grade
1ICSF-1012Ceramic Ring Magnets 28mm OD x 14mm ID x 4mm1.100.160.55C8
1ICSF-1013Ceramic Magnet Ring 60mm OD x 25mm ID x 8mm2.360.320.98C8
1ICSF-1014Ceramic C8 Magnets 90mm OD x 36 mm ID x 15 mm3.540.601.42C8
1ICSF-1015Ceramic Magnets 180mm OD x 95mm ID x 20mm Ring7.090.793.74C8